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Cindie was one of the original Monsters when the 80's tribute was formed. Although she had been singing all her life, Monsters was her first time singing in front of an audience, and joining a band. With a true love of the 80s big hair music, Monsters is a perfect fit for her. "There's no sitting still when this music plays!"

A Mom of three, recent college graduate, and having just hit the big 5-0, this original 80's girl comes back stronger than ever and with a fresh perspective on life!

Favorite Bands: Pat Benatar, Seether, The Pretty Reckless, Silvertung, Heart, The Doors, G 'n R, Tesla, Great White, etc., etc.
Favorite Foods: Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter sauce, and marshmallow
Favorite Drinks: milk, vodka (no, not mixed), Perrier
Favorite Songs: You by The Pretty Reckless and Roadhouse Blues by The Doors
Other interests: Being free and living every moment of this fabulous life!

Favorite Monster: The Creature From the Black Lagoon

What I love/miss about the 80's: Nothing!, because I get to relive it as an adult with some great guys who know how to rock!

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