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Having performed with some of the areas most well known rock bands throughout the 80's, it was only a matter of time until this drummer took the stage once again!

After paying his dues in a myriad of basement projects, he formed Valhalla in the early 80's with Lisa Mattricino and some of the areas finest up and coming musicians. The 5 piece hard rock band quickly gained a tremendous following and with the talent and energy of the band, made its permanent mark in the local music scene.

Having found his niche, in the hard rock/heavy metal scene Vic went on to help form the even more successul and well known late 80's hair band, Dirty Tryxx. Without a doubt, this band ruled the regional music scene at the time and had a devout following of fans. Playing steadily throughout the NEPA club scene, it was with the success of Dirty Tryxx, that Vic firmly carved his place as one of the hottest drummers in the region.

Vic has shared the stage with members of several national acts such as Cinderella, Ratt, Vixen and others. Fans of this rocker, will be thrilled to know, that as one of the founding members of Monsters Of Rock, Vic has returned with his bandmates and is ready to rock!

Favorite Bands: KISS, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Heart
Favorite Foods: Steak and almost anything else on the grille
Favorite Drinks: flavored sparkling water, Jim Beam, Yuengling Lager, Gilbey's Gin, and a few classics like Utica Club and Maximus Super
Favorite Songs: Take It Off, Turbo Lover, Girls Girls Girls
Other interests: Girls Girls Girls <smirk>, Exotic Cars, Hard Rock and of course, Kathy!!

Favorite Monster: Ultra Man (well ok, he was a super hero! Thanks for the reminder from my long time best friend, Moose!)

What I love/miss about the 80's: Clearly, the music and the partying. The music really suited the whole 80's decadent attitude. Add to that the excitement and fashion that was all a part of the 80's hair spray music scene and you have one kick ass decade. If you lived it know what I mean, and if you missed it ...come and see Monsters of Rock and you'll find out fast!

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