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Jim (AKA: JP) picked up his first bass for $39.00 in 1978. He joined his first band one week later and since then hasn't gone more than a few weeks without being in at least one band. He operates a small recording studio, is a co-owner of Black Cloud Records, and does guitar repairs in his spare time.

He can't play banjo.

Jim's bass playing is usually very theory-oriented, and he enjoys a challenge. When asked what his style is, Jim usually says "Sloppy Perfectionist".

He can't play bagpipes, but he has appeared playing bass on several CDs.

While working on a CD with the studio band Vandargo Sky and playing with the reformed Hocus Pocus, he was approached by the Monsters to be their soundman. Nearly one year later he was asked to fill in on bass (he doesn't play accordion) and agreed to stay.

Jim can't juggle balls or chainsaws, but bands, no problem!

He describes his vocals as "Scream and pray for the right note". His dogs agree.

Favorite Bands: Marillion, Peter Gabriel, Tony Levin, Jethro Tull, Queen, Tool, Rush, Kings X, Citizen Cain, Rain
Favorite Foods: Pizza
Favorite Drinks: Homebrewed beer, Tsing Tao
Favorite Songs: Somebody to Love (Queen), Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel), Lakeside Park (Rush), Kayleigh/Lavender (Marillion), anything with great lyrics
Other interests: Music, reading (favorite author H.P. Lovecraft), dogs, computers

Favorite Monster: The Old Ones (read some H.P. Lovecraft), the girl I dated before my wife

What I love/miss about the 80's: My youth, my sanity, and the cheerleaders who lived in the same dorm as my college girlfriend.

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